Photos of Aleph Baumbach and his wife

Hi, I am {Aleph Baumbach}

Throughout my life I have been manifesting my creative energy in many ways - poetry, painting, photography, ceramics, metal work, creative construction, cooking, teaching, and in countless other ways. Now I would like to share it with the world, and this is where my expression room comes to life.

I grew up in complete contact with nature, in a place where silence was so loud, it could be heard; where I could hear my creative pulse and play with it. That place was full of life and everywhere I turned I saw beauty. I did not know that through my observation of this beauty, I would develop a passion for photography or that through hearing this pulse, my hand would start writing - that it would inspire my body to become the brush of creativity itself in the canvas of art.

In this world everything can be an inspiration to create. Anything can spark my creative self into action. However, there are a few things that continuously spark this part of me beyond just a spark and they are a part of creation itself.

First and foremost, my beloved wife, who walks together with me and challenges me to find my true expression through her beauty (inside and out), through being who she is, and in so many other ways that words cannot hold. I am very grateful to her.

I am also grateful to my family and friends, who have also been a great source of inspiration in my life.

Another great source of inspiration to me, as for many other people, is nature itself with its magnificence and beauty - our Mother Earth.

My creative self has grown with every creation manifested through me - from the sleeping seeds to this very moment when I am ready to share them with the world. Now anyone can visit my creative space and see the past, present, and future aspects of my creative journey.

This creative space could not exist without the extraordinary imagination and skills of my wife Hari Baumbach, whom I greatly admire in her powerful vision to create amazing and beautiful art that truly speaks from the heart. I am forever thankful to her for designing and creating this space for me.

Feel free to explore and share your comments, ideas, thoughts, or just a few simple words about the art you will find in this site. I look forward to reading them, as it will enable me to see myself in another light.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

Aleph Baumbach