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Adaptability to the occasion, environment, subject, and circumstance to create an expression of a moment in time as seen through a lens.


Highly knowledgable of photographic equipment and technique using light and composition as well as post-processing methods.


Over 15 years of experience in film and digital photography in many places and environments around the world with diverse cultures and scenarios


Combining technique and creativity to capture unique photos through artistic and expert composition.

Aleph Baumbach

Aleph Baumbach

When people ask me where I am from, I answer, from the World. I love to explore this incredible planet of ours. Every place that I have been in has taught me a lot about life and myself. I am a citizen of the World. To me understanding the inner world of humanity is as important as understanding the outer so I studied and got a B.S. in Engineering and a B.A. in Psychology. In many ways what I studied is a reflection of using technique, creativity, and connection to compose a photo. Through traveling, I have experienced many diverse cultures and situations which have given me the opportunity to creatively photograph amazing people, events, landscapes, or just about anything that presented itself. For me photography is about capturing every moment in a creative way, it’s just a form of expressing what I see and perceive about life and the world.

While I consider myself a citizen of the World, my story began when I was born in Mexico City from a German father and a Mexican mother, and grew up in two amazing regions: the forest next to the foothills of the magical volcano Iztaccihuatl and a little town in the middle of the mountains called Tepoztlan. Both places allowed me to be in full contact with nature where I could hear my creative pulse and play with it. While each of them are unique, they are both full of life and beauty, with their natural rhythms chanting a melody of tranquility and connection. When I am in nature, I feel that I am in my element. There is an inner calmness and centeredness that connects me to my essence. In these magnificent environments, I developed a deep sense of caring for nature, sustainability, and for social equality. Here I began my journey as a photographer, wanting to capture these magical places’ spirit frozen in an instant of time.

I want to welcome you to my website. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions comments, or you would like to create something together.

With a heartfelt thank you, I hope that you enjoy!


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